Questions? You've come to the right place!

How many photos will I get?

It all depends on the size of the property. I try my best to get at least 25 photos for the MLS and typically max out at around 55 or so on the bigger properties. I prefer quality over quantity and try to avoid the "filler" photos when I can.

How long will the shoot take?

A "typical" (2000 sf +/-) photoshoot will take around 30 - 45 minutes. Larger homes and expansive properties take more time to walk around but most are finished at or around an hour. Having done well over 3,000 homes in my career I've got a pretty good idea how long things will take and schedule accordingly. When the property isn't ready that's when we run into trouble so please make sure we're photo ready when the appointment starts.

If you aren't sure how long you need just ask, you can reach me by email here.


What should I do to get ready?

Arrive early, and make sure the home is staged to your liking before I show up. I'm happy to advise but don't offer formal staging. Pick up any clutter and stick it in a closet or cram it behind the couch, it doesn't need to be perfect but it would help ;) We can always move things around when I get there but this eats up valuable time. Have all of the lights turned on, ceiling fans turned off and blinds open or canted to let in the most light possible. Turn off ceiling fans and close those toilet seats. Have pets? Put the animals in the garage and make sure all of the "land mines" are cleaned up in the back yard. Closets and garages are good hiding places for all of the "extra goodies". A good rule of thumb is that if it doesn't look like it belongs, yank it.

I schedule in some extra time for unexpected surprises but typically have other appointments after yours so if the home isn't ready I'll shoot as much as I can and then return for a partial re-shoot for a small fee at a later date.



What about rescheduling?

Well, as the saying goes, time is money.
I understand that sometimes things come up that can't be helped. Any rescheduling less than 24hours out are charged a $75 fee to make up for my loss of scheduling time. No reschedule fee for rainy days.

More than 24 hours notice allows me to schedule someone else in your time slot so no penalty there.

Do I need to be there?

That depends on you. I will photograph the property as it is presented. I am happy to turn on lights and open blinds but I don't offer any cleaning or staging services. If you are confident that the home is photo ready then it isn't necessary for you to be there. That being said, homeowners tend to take up the most time and I rely on my Realtors to keep them occupied while I work my magic. 


Oh yeah, that whole money thing...

The short version, I hold your photos hostage until I get paid, it's all the leverage I have and I try not to abuse my power ;)

I accept cash, check or credit card payment on the day of the shoot or if you prefer I can send you an invoice that you can pay online before our appointment. Once we meet up for the first time I'll learn your preferences and do my best to accommodate.