The benefit of hiring an individual over a corporation is the quality you can expect, the personal touch you get with every shoot and the relationships built over time.

My name is David and I am an artist.

As a kid I loved to draw, I could spend hours with my notebook and a pencil just passing away the time. Art has always been the key that unlocked my door. Fast forward a few years later to the day I "borrowed" my gramps' camera (probably too late to return that one now). It was incredible, it was like being handed the exact thing I had spent a lifetime looking for without knowing what it was. I was enamored with the fusion of technical skill and artistic expression, the way you could freeze a memory forever in the exact way that I saw things. So after a few hundred rolls of film, endless gigabytes of photos and enough trial and error to make a sane man crazy (or in my case a crazy man sane) here I am today. I've photographed well over 2,000 homes, each one unique with it's own set of challenges and rewards, but the one anchor is the passion that I have for what I do. I feel completely blessed to have a career that was once and still is a hobby, I know it's a rare thing to be excited to go to "work" and for that I'm forever grateful. I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt every time I go to a photo shoot, looking for the hidden gems that could be around any corner just waiting to be discovered. So let's make some magic, really make that property shine. With our skills combined we can really wow your clients, and make you stand out above the rest of the competition. Help me to help you...

On a more personal side, I'm married to a beautiful and more important super-patient woman who puts up with way more than she ever could have bargained for. We have 2 amazing daughters that have absolutely changed my life and we can typically be found out at the beach splashing around in the waves or on some crazy adventure in our little travel trailer. I'm an absolute sucker for a good IPA so if you ever want to meet up I'd be happy to share a pint and discuss whatever ideas you have for your next project!

Oh, and you stay classy San Diego.